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Ater TPS i can have my green card

Miami, FL |

after TPS i can have my green card.[2]some peoples say if i go to haiti with my TPS i can have probleme

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It depends upon the situation. Many who are granted TPS cannot qualify for a green card. It depends upon how you entered the U.S., additional facts yet to be disclosed, and the TPS program, itself. If you go back to Haiti, then you lose your TPS.

Your decision not to stay in the U.S. is appreciated and respected, but you cannot claim that you have a need to remain if traveling and living in Haiti makes sense to you. TPS is temporary protected status. The U.S. is taking steps that it believes protect foreigners. It is a form of human rights courtesy. If a foreigner believes that they can return, and some may have no reason to stay in the U.S., then this means that TPS is really not necessary for them.

TPS may be abused. If you do not feel the need to be a lawful permanent resident or to remain in the U.S. If you believe that staying in the U.S. will hurt more than help, then you should reconsider TPS.

I strongly recommend an appointment with a candid and experienced immigration attorney.

The above is general information and does not create an attorney client relationship.