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At what age does child support end in Virginia. I have two children ages 12 and 19.

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The 19 year old is a college student that lives at home during the seasonal school breaks and often comes to stay overnight on week ends during the school year. She still depends on our help during those times.

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If you are asking what the Code of Virginia specifically provides for in terms of the duration of the child support obligation (ansent a voluntary agreement to extend support behind the period legally required, then the answer is "until the child attains the age of 18 or, if still a full-time high school student who is not self-supporting and is living in the home of the parent seeking or receiving support, then until the child graduates from high school or attains the age of 19, whichever event is FIRST to occur". In the case of a physically or mentally disabled child who incapable of being self-supporting, the court may extend support beyond the age of 18 (since this particular section of the statute provides for no specific termination date, presumably support could continue for the remainder of the child's (or parent's) lifetime).

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You need to pay support for one child. You need to get the child support order modified. This assumes that there was no agreement to pay beyond the statutory period.

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The support obligation extends until age 18 under the Code, but the specific answer cannot be determined without reading the terms of the divorce documents. In some cases, there is a contractual obligation to provide support, at least in some form, through the college years. It all should be spelled out in the divorce papers.


The 19 year old should be covered under college expenses. Has there been any order to pay college expenses?

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Mary G. Commander

Mary G. Commander


Not in Virginia.

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