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At what age does a doctor not have to disclose medical information of a minor to their parent regarding reproductive health?

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My 15 year old daughter just informed me that she is pregnant. I have been taking her to the clinic for her Depo shot for the past 6 weeks, but have not been able to accompany her to the actual room for her appointment. Each time, my daughter shared that they were unable to provide her the shot (which is why we have returned weekly for 6 weeks). I was informed by the clinic that after the age of 12, I was no longer legally entitled to accompany her to these visits without my daughters consent. Is this true?

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It is dependent upon state law. State law generally allows minors of a certain age control over health care decisions, including reproductive health issues. As part of that control, those minors have contol over keeping certain information, such as the type of treatment being obtained, confidential, much in the same manner that an adult is able to keep protected health information confidential. The age that a minor may excercise such control, however, varies by state.

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