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At what age can you move out of your parents house without their consent? and without them reporting you as a runaway?

Oneonta, AL |

i am 17 and want to move out when i turn 18 in November. i will still be in school when i turn 18.

i live in Alabama

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The legal age in Alabama is 19 (some exceptions - 21 to drink, for example). 19 is the age that you can legally move out on your own. Once you have reached the legal age, you can sign apartment leases and other contracts. After someone turns 18, there is a process called "emacipation." However, in Alabama, you alone cannot petition the probate court to be "emancipated" after you've turned 18. You must have your parents petition the court if they are not insane (this means a court has formally ruled they can't take care of themselves). If they are in agreement, you all need to go talk to a lawyer. If they aren't in agreement with you, hang in there, and like Dear Abby says, go talk to a trusted adult for help with any issues.

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