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At what age can you legally leave your child home alone? Our son is 17 and we are planning on going out of town for a week this

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summer. Are we negligent by leaving him home alone?

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As long as there isn't any foreseeable danger, he is provided with the necessities while you are gone, has no medical issues and there is an emergency contact nearby in case there is a need for same there shouldn't be an issue.


In theory a 17 year old is well capable of staying alone but be aware that the parents and homeowners may be liable for any 3rd parties who visit while you are gone and if any parties are thrown and alcohol is served. It happens all the time.

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You should not be leaving a 17 year old home alone for a week. When I first read this question, it seemed obvious that a 17 year old can be at home alone - but a week is too long. Even leaving a child home alone for the entire night is a bit much. Do not risk leaving him home alone for a week - very bad idea.

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