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At what age can I child watch themselves? Or no longer require after school child care?

Swarthmore, PA |

My kids are 11 and 9. My ex wife is claiming that she pays $1600 a month in child care. They are in school until 3:15-3:45pm. She says she is paying a friend to watch them 7-8 hours a day, 4-5 times a week. To me that is saying they aren't getting picked up until between 10-12pm. how is that ok?

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This is a matter to discuss with your family law attorney.

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Your situation raises several additional questions: does your ex-wife work? what are her hours? If the children are in child care during times when you are able to have custody of the children, you may want to consider filing a petition to modify custody to obtain custody of the children during these times. You should review the specifics of your case with an experienced family law attorney.

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You asked this question before. The answers remain the same - more questions about the circumstances. Telling us how old the children are doesn't clarify the questions I raised in my earlier response, such as why did your ex choose to work a shift when the children were not in school? Please take my earlier advice, and that of my colleagues, and set up a consultation with an experienced family law attorney in your area. A sit down, face to face meeting may not answer all of your questions, such as "how is that ok?", but it will give you some insight into the issues involved from the court's perspective and whether you should consider raising the issue before the court.

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