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At what age can children choose which parent to live with in Florida?

Saint Petersburg, FL |

what is a legal age for a child to choose what parent they would like to live with in the state of Florida?

Im 16 1/2. I am currently at my biological fathers house. I got into some trouble with my mother and step father, who werent good to me and treated me differently from my sister and brother. I havent seen my real dad since i was 6 and ive been here for a week. Even though my father sighned his rights away, i want to stay with him. My mother lied about my father, making him sound like a drunk. I read court papers to prove that she lied. I do not like my mother and wish to stay. My father treats me well. I NEED HELP.

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Attorney answers 2


You'd have to be an adult.

Until then,should you need to state a preference, you'd be able to state a preference in a court hearing in your mid teens.

But your preference testimony is only one factor a judge would consider on the question.


The right of as minor to testify is handled on a case-by-case basis. A motion would have to be filed asking that you be allowed to testify, and the judge would probably want to meet with you to see if you have the maturity to handle making such a big decision. Even if you are allowed to testify and state a preference, that is only one factor that the court would examine to determine what your best interests are and how best to serve them.