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At what age can a child stop visitation with non-custodial parent?

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My 9 year old son hates visiting his dad. It's only three streets away and I don't see that there is anything wrong. I have tried everything to change his feelings about this but nothing is working. He realy wants to know "How long will I have to keep going there?"

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He's only 9 years old and is not old enough to make the decision that he does not want to visit with his father. The courts expect you to encourage a close relationship between your son and his father. The courts expect his father to encourage a close relationship with you. you should encourage him to visit with his father and not address his concerns about going to his father's house as long as see anything wrong with the father's house.



my son is 15 and doesnt want to see his father either he has felt this way since he was 3yrs old,it my experince the childs feelings want change.he is a straight a student and wants to go to harvard law to help kids like him.i think the law needs to stand up and help the kids.when children dont want to see a parent they shouldnt be forced cause usually there is a problem in the home either physically or mentally.its sad when we reach out for help and are told to make the child deal with it instead of getting advice on what to do to help are children.goes to show you the men always have a hand up over on us.maybe we should band togeither and fight against this law that doesnt help innocent children.maybe its time to go public on this situation. maria m

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