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At what age can a child in florida refuse to go for visitation?

Cape Coral, FL |

I heard that at age 13 they do not have to go if they do not want to,is this correct?

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There is no "age at which a child can refuse" to visit with the other parent. If the question here is really "my child is refusing to go, what can I do about it?" Then I can suggest you open a dialogue with the child to find out why he/she is refusing. Is there something seriously wrong, is the 13 year old being stuborn or reacting to a rule that he/she doesn't like, etc.? If it is the latter, then it is your responsibility as a co-parent to set the expectation that the child is required to spend time with the other parent. If it is the former, then perhaps more formal steps should be taken such as enlisting the help of a counselor, a parent coordinator, or a judge. You should speak with an attorney regarding your particular circumstances given that there is likely already a court order in place that you would not want to be in violation of.

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There are many issues with my ex.My child is not happy there.We have had no luck with your other seems that the system has gone to the extreme in protecting parental rights rather than the child's.

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