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At my hearing the officer did not show up and the Judge cancled the hearing, is my liencse suppended or can i get a new one?

Savannah, GA |

i recieved a finial decision order of dismisal. it saya that the the defendant is REVERSED

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Part of your information is confusing, and I believe that you may have left something out. Defendant's do not get "reversed", opinions do; and initially you state the judge "cancelled" the hearing; cancelled hearings are usually hearings that have been adjourned, (put off to another day). However, the important language is that the order states that the case was dismissed. If this is actually what happened than your license should not be suspended, (assuming that it wasn't suspended for some other reason). If you take the order with you to your state's version of DMV or Sec. of State office they can properly advise you of your drivers license status.


If the Order is in your favor, you can take it to DDS and get your license. If you are unsure whether the judge rescinded the suspension, you can call DDS at (678) 413-8600 to find out the status of your license. You may also call the Judge's assistant (see for a directory). Keep in mind that if you are convicted of DUI, there will be a license suspension. Good luck with your case.


You can go get yourself a new license. However, continue to check you mail because the officer can request another ALS hearing. He can file a motion for reconsideration. It is rare, but it does happen.

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