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Asylum Master Hearing: Required Documents

Plattsburgh, NY |

I applied asylum after the One year period & did the asylum interview at NY. (I wasn't in removal proceedings). At that time my lawyer told me I have a very strong case and there is big possibility that Im being granted Withholding of Removal. But it never happened. After 4 month, now they have referred me to an Immigration Judge saying that even if i have well founded fear to return to my country i didnt fill the application timely. I have my master hearing on March 8, 2011. My attorney told me to get 3 affidavits and whatever the related evidences before the court date. But I wasnt able to get any still. My Questions are,
1)If I didnt submit documents on master hearing date, Are they going to put me on another master hearing?
2)If not Can I submit them in my individual hearing?

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Whether or not you get a second master hearing depends on the facts of the case, and the Judge on the case. If this is the very first hearing, it is possible that the Judge will schedule another Master for the purpose of filing documents, or that he/she will set the matter over for the individual hearing. All documents must be submitted before the individual hearing as per the court rules.


Your larger question is why are you seeking outside legal advice when you are already working with an attorney? If you are not comfortable with your attorney, you should seek new counsel. If you are comfortable with your attorney, you should not be soliciting advice from other attorneys. It is difficult to answer questions like yours without a full understanding of the case.