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Asylum case pending since a year.

New Brunswick, NJ |

It has been almost a year on my asylum case and I haven't received any decision yet. I submitted new evidences within 16 days after I received NOID on February and now it has been almost a year and haven't got any decision made on my case yet. I have been in legal F1 status so far. I have waited too long. I dont know what to do other than just wait.

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You can continue waiting or you can follow up by yourself or you can retain an attorney who can follow up on your behalf. Most likely - just more waiting since the backlog has been enormous in asylum offices.

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Just waiting may be the best (or only) option you have. A lawyer may be able to accelerate a decision by contacting USCIS, but I would not do so without reviewing all the details of your case.


Keep waiting - there is a huge backlog in NJ. If you received a NOID, it's not the best sign that your case will be approved - I beleive there is only a 19% approval rate out of the Lyndhurst Office to begin with. You might want to consider consulting with an attorney at this point.

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Has something happened to make you more afraid to return to your country since you submitted the evidence in response to the NOID? If your situation has changed since last February in some way that has increased your fears you should ask the Asylum Office for permission to submit additional evidence of the change in circumstances, and explain how it makes you more afraid to return. If not, you may have no other choice than to wait.