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Assault with a deadly weapon, what can a lawyer do for him now versus getting a lawyer later?

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a friend of mine wanted to find his girlfriend and located her at a house which he entered (the front door) was open, he then ran into two guys which started to approach my friend and at that point he pulled out a knife (pocket knife), one of the two guys tried to grab the knife which is when he got cut. My friend struck the other individual with his fist and left the scene immediately. Now I'm wondering what a lawyer can do at this point versus later? My friend does not have a lot of money to afford a lawyer

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These are potentially very serious charges that can be prosecuted in a number of different ways. If your friend is in custody, a lawyer at this point can interview him and start developing defenses through investigation. He can also advise him not to make any statements to the police. It is amazing how slight variations in the story can make enormous differences in consequences in this type of case. If your friend waits, he is not likely to communicate with an appointed attorney until just before a preliminary hearing.


A skilled private attorney can contact the prosecution before charges are filed and obtain a dismissal or a reduction in charges if possible. I know I have. Public Defenders do not get appointed until after charges are filed so they cannot do this.


Certainly my colleagues have made some excellent points, but if your friend has no money, he'll probably have to wait for the public defender to be appointed. My only comment is that It never ceases to amaze me how people get themselves into these situations and then have no money for an attorney when they eventually get arrested. Guess that's why we have the public defender.

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