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Assault 2nd Degree in Missouri

Saint Louis, MO |

I have a friend who was driving intoxicated (blew a .1 BAC) and wrecked. The girl in the passenger seat had a minor bruise on her head, and isn't pressing charges. The state is, however, charging him with 2nd degree assault. He has no criminal record. I understand that only his lawyer can really give him an exact prediction, but I'm just curious as to the chances of him serving jail time?

Also, if jail time in unavoidable, what's the ballpark for about how much he would be looking at?

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Attorney answers 2


It will actually depend upon how bad the inuries were and a number of other things too numerous to discuss here. As you said, he should consult with a good criminal defense lawyer and find out directly.

Good luck.


With good counsel, your friend may escape jail time. I suggest he contact same. At worst, penalties increase if the passenger's health decreases.