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Assault, battery, threats

Las Vegas, NV |

We sometimes use a driver and the one we'd been using showed up in his POV a few days ago when called. As we were leaving the property a camera man was being asked to leave the property. We gave him a ride to where we were going. We then noticed he was recording. We asked him to turn it off. He immediately demanded we stop the car and let him out. We were late as it was so I wanted to arrive first at my destination. The driver stopped the car. He began accusing me of trying to kidnap the other person. The driver became threatening and came towards me. I defended myself and was about to back away and leave. Since then the driver has been contacting my wife and I and making threats to "File" charges. We are not from Vegas so we do not know if that is even possible. Please help.

He left a message telling us to contact him or else. This feel like a threat and potential extortion. Can a person just file a charge in Vegas?

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It sounds like there may be a criminal extortion issue with the driver I would call a local lawyer and ask him if YOU should be contacting the authorities. There may also be civil liability issues at play see the links below.

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Sounds like you are being blackmailed. You need to speak with the local authorities before you do anything else.


Civilians cannot file charges. Only prosecutors who work for the government. This is very strange. Call cops.

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