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Asking about a lie detector for a child abuse case

Granbury, TX |

Hello again, I had a question for you thursday but got it to late and i went to the attorney general's office anyway. Anyway it was suggested by me to take a lie detector test here in a couple of weeks. Do i have to actually do this or can I stop the proceedings at this point. This is over hearsay for molesting my son which was a fabricated story he told a girl at school to impress her and it back fired on all of us and now I am fighting for my life. I am pretty sure if i refuse the test he may proceed with the information he has which I don't think is enough because no one will implicate me. What are my chances of beating this without doing anything and not losing my son for even one day. Thanks for your help

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Polygraph tests are so unreliabe that the results are not allowed in court as evidence unless all the affected parties agree to that evidence being submitted.
You should stop talking to cops including the DA. None of these people have your interest at heart. You are accused and they want you to talk to them because they tend to believe the accusation. GET AN ATTORNEY AND SHUT UP!!!!!!.

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thank you for your help, this is such a stressful situation I have found my self in. again thatnks

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