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Asked to have dna oral swab/finger prints while on probation?

Muncie, IN |

I got in trouble two years ago, I have been on probation almost a year and a half, I will be getting off in three months, I have messed up once while on probation and had to go to stricter probation in order to "get out of the trouble". But, my probation officer asked me for a dna oral swab/finger prints, she said this is going to be taken to a dna database in Indiana, but she didn't have me sign any papers or anything. I'm paranoid to why this is happening because other ppl that I know that are felons said this has not happened to them? Please help.

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Attorney answers 2


It sounds pretty routine. Stop taking legal advice from convicted felons unless they are also lawyers.


This is a fairly new statewide procedure that is required in all felony probation cases, and may also be required in misdemeanor probation cases.