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Asked for my discovery whats on the paper is not whats in clerk of court files

Bradenton, FL |

everytime i ask my attorney for a copy of paperwork from my case he never asks in court he gets straight from state attorney then he asks me to sign papers he never wants to give me a copy of what i sign the discovery paper i have does not have the witnessess that theSTATE says thenMY ATTORNEY TELLS ME ME HE IS NOT GONNA LOSE HIS BAR LICENSE OVER THIS CASE REALLY THATS WHAT HE SAID TO ME I TOLD HIM THIS CASE IS BOGUS BUT HE IS ALL ON THE STATE SIDE.WHY WOULD HE SAY THAT TO ME?

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Sometimes client's feel like their attorney is on the other side because all attorneys have to work within the legal process. We are all officers of the court, and have to follow the court rules and the law, even when it may not be what our clients would like us to do. That said, if you don't trust your lawyer, or you really think that he or she is doing something shady or wrong, then you need to get another attorney. If you do get another attorney, and that attorney indicates that you were right, that your previous attorney did do something wrong, then your new attorney could advise you on the right steps to take about your previous attorney's bad acts.

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