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Please am asking this on behalf of my cousin who has received an ASC Appointment notice for bio metrics for (i-765 & i -485.) The appointment is in 2 weeks but i was wondering if i could earlier than the scheduled date to get the fingerprints and photo done. Are they any consequences if an applicant goes early?

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Contact the 1-800 number or the local ASC office to see if you can reschedule. Usually rescheduling is later than the initial appointment.

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No, rest assured, it will be perfectly OK for cousin to go earlier, at anytime. Tell him to make sure to ask to speak to a supervisor (no one else!), explain the need to travel, etc. best if can also bring proof of impending travel with him/her. Will not have any problems.

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He should schedule an info pass and request to re-schedule the appointment. Depending on local custom there, he may be able to simply walk in and politely ask to re-schedule, but perhaps check with a local immigration attorney if this is possible first because USCIS offices differ from each other as to what they find acceptable.

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The USCIS Application Support Center at 1255 Collier Road in Atlanta generally is cooperative about accommodating people once an appointment has been scheduled. Your cousin may go earlier than the appointment date and request an accommodation, showing the actual appointment notice and any document (printout of conflicting airline travel, evidence of major family event, etc.) that indicates why the scheduled time would be problematic. It is best not to go when the ACS is particularly busy (such as Mondays), and your cousin should be willing to wait patiently to take the place of another applicant who fails to show-up for an appointment. Other than the risk of wasting some time if the ACS does not cooperate, the request will not create any problematic consequences.

On a related note, in my opinion using the USCIS's INFOPASS process now is unlikely to be successful in rescheduling an ASC appointment sooner than two weeks from now.

David N. Soloway
Frazier, Soloway & Kennedy, PC
Atlanta, Georgia

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