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Asbestos problems

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I believe that my husband suffers from asbestos problems. He worked around asbestos for years and now has a lot of problems getting around. The problem is that our doctor tells us that he is not sure this is the case? Can a lawyer help me on this?

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Provided that you are still well within the statute of limitations, you are probably better off consulting with another doctor who specializes in asbestos problems first. Make sure that your husband brings all of his medical records to the consultation so that the expert can have a complete picture of his health.

It will be much easier to find an attorney interested in taking your case once you have a clearer indication of causation.


I'd suggest speaking to an asbestos attorney right away. Delay is seldom on your side.

Having litigated asbestos-caused mesothelioma cases, I can tell you that you should proceed with urgency. The best attorneys in this field will be able to help you identify sources of exposure that many kind and competent doctors simply are unaware of.

Additionally, as asbestos laws are getting tougher all the time, and more and more defendants are going bankrupt, and your attorney will want your husband's help in preserving evidence before the asbestos has a chance to take that away, you should contact an experienced firm immediately.


You and your husband need to consult an attorney who is knowledgeable about asbestos litigation. There are MANY potential avenues for potential recovery (including regular medicl monitoring) and most if not all have specific time limitations for filing claims.
Asbestos litigation is complex and sometimes involves both law suits (civil and administrative-workers' compensation) and claims (bankrutcy). The process varies for each fact situation, exposure and disease. Sometimes it is consider long term litigation becauise of the delays experienced navigating the benefit system.

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