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As per my below US trips, is it any issue at port of entry to travel back permanently to settle in US in March 2014 ?

Nassawadox, VA |

GC issued for 10 years on 05th June 2013 as Married to USC wife , stayed in US only unto 24th July 2013, outside US from 25th July 2013 to 08th December 2013, again entered in US on 09th December 2013 to 23rd December 2013,at present I am outside US from 24th December 2013, to plan to settle down permanently in US from 01st March 2014. (CBP officer has warned me in last December 2013 visit,he is going to take my GC if I will stay next time 4-5 months outside US ). Please advise.

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You have received advice from a CBP officer. I suggest you follow that advice.


I would definitely worry about these trips. Most think they can't lose residency if they stay outside the US just under six months, but that is not necessarily true when CBP believes there's sufficient evidence to conclude that one has abandoned residency. I would consult with an attorney to discuss your specific situation.

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As an LPR, you have to mostly live in the USA. Anything else, might backfire at any time.

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