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As ORC5311 supercedes Decs. & ByLaws, HOW and WHAT is needed to evict RENTER in my building who breaks condo rules & the LAW?

West Carrollton, OH |

First and foremost, landlord will not help at all. Renter does not work, collects $ from state?
Rules & regs. of condo assoc have been constantly broken for almost a year now. Domestic violence charges on Renter and guest. Renter was stabbed by guest. Fireworks set off by her guests. Constant parties disturbing neighbors. Nudity at assoc pool and same exposure on common patio. Cops have been here twice in last week. Numerous times cops have been here. Was kicked out of last place renter lived.
Assoc atty says 30 day letter to be sent and if she corrects behavior...I guess we start over with another letter when she does something else?
If our Declarations say ANY (key word-ANY) rules, etc., why do we the homeowners constantly have to live with this nuisance?
Desparately seeking help.

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Attorney answers 1


Although it may seem as if you have to suffer and the renter can continue to violate the rules, the association attorney is probably following the correct due process procedures necessary to handle the situation. The Board gets to decide how to enforce the rules and the best and most cost-efficient way to deal with a tenant violating the rules. Be patient and hope that either the tenant cleans up her act and complies with the rules, or that if she violates the rules, the association can evict her promptly.