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As it relates to my affidavit of support, is it mandatory for my petitioner and my joint sponsor to submit a copy of form 1099?

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Both petitioners already have their W-2s and the related form 1040. According to them they have never seen form 1099 before and both thinks that it won't be necessary since all their income and employment info are already stated on the 1040 and W-2s. I would like to know if it is mandatory to submit the aforementioned form (1099) and if so , what is its purpose?

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A 1099 form is the equivalent of a W-2 form for someone who is self-employed. If the petitioner and joint sponsor are employed by someone else and receive W-2 forms, they won't have 1099 forms.


If they have never been independent contractors they would never have been given 1099 forms. They were probably employees who are only issued W2 forms which are sufficient



Thanks for your clarification on the matter.


Form 1099 is given by employers to "independent contractors" , those the employer does not consider employees on payroll. It does not apply to you in your situation since with your W2s on hand you prove you are full-fledged employees on EMPLOYER'S payroll. One is usually required to furnish either a W2 or 1099, bit never both.

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Thanks for your much helpful advice!


No. People either get a W2 if they are employees or 1099s if they are contractors. Therefore if they have W2s that is all that is required.

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