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As an electronic vaporizer company, can we use the words, "Dry Herbs," "Herbal," and "Wax" in our packaging and advertisements?

Long Beach, CA |

I work with an electronic vaporizer company (similar to electronic cigarettes). Some of our product offerings allow usage of dry herbs and wax (marijuana). While we are saying that this product is not to be used with marijuana, we are wondering if it is legal to use the words "Dry Herbs" "Herbal" and "Wax" on our packaging and advertisements. Other companies seem to do it, but we are unsure if it's necessarily allowed or restricted. Of course, no one says to use it with marijuana, and neither will we.

OK thank you. But just to be clear, Dry Herbs, Herbal, and Wax are in reference to marijuana products.

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I know of no bar against the use of those terms.

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I also see no reason why you can't use those terms in advertising your product.


The company you work for sells electronic vaporizers that just happen to be able to vaporize marijuana into a convenient form to be inhaled. And now you want to advertise those products using the marijuana code words "Dry Herbs" "Herbal" and "Wax." Your products are, to my mind, clearly “drug paraphernalia” under California law. See California Health and Safety Code at section 11364.5(d) (listing many items that the law deems “drug paraphernalia” – visit ]. Even if your company’s products are not on that list, the very next section [11364.5(e)] of the law tells the courts to look to the “[n]ational and local advertising concerning” a product’s use to determine if it is drug paraphernalia. After viewing your advertising proudly associating your products with "Dry Herbs" "Herbal" and "Wax" the court will conclude your product is drug paraphernalia. Which is fine – it’s lawful to sell drug paraphernalia [in California at least]. But there are significant restrictions on how those products can be sold and I haven’t a clue if they can be sold through the interstate mail service or if other states make it unlawful to sell those products. You need to speak with an attorney who specializes in advising drug paraphernalia product manufacturers. Look at that industry’s trade journals for articles by such attorneys. Good luck.

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