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As a victim of domestic violence can I change my identity, name and social security number?

Los Angeles, CA |

I'm honestly scared for my life, I've moved, changed jobs and still feel scared. A restraining order doesn't mean much if you have to wait on the police to come by. I was thinking of changing my name and changing my social security number. Is this possible? If so, does it take a long time as I need to do this ASAP so I can feel safe. I'm considering moving again once this can be done, if it's possible.
I read that if I change my name I have to put it in a newspaper, since that's public it's a terrifying thought. Is this bit true ? Anyway to get around this? Also since I'm still paying off my student loan (I have around six months left) will they let me pay with my new name? Should I pay before my name is changed? Thank you so much.

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Yes, you can change number and name under such circumstances. You should get a local atty to help with all this or go to legal aid.

The information you obtain from this website is not legal advice.



Thank you mr. Dugan.


I would certainly agree that there is no reason why you can't, you will need the help of a lawyer to get this done. I would contact your local legal aid to see if I could get assistance on this since you are on a fixed income.


I recommend that you contact an attorney in your area or your local legal aid organization for assistance with this. If you fear for your safety and you have taken the legal measures necessary to no avail, you should be able to make the changes you seek.

I wish you the best of luck with your situation.


Absolutely you can. Most courts have a pro se department that will give you specific instructions on what you need to do. Here in San Francisco we have a name change package that the clerk gives you with instructions and local newpapers you can use for the publication part.

While I would love to be your attorney and you may call my office any time to schedule a FREE consultation on California bankruptcy matters, the information provided herein does not create an attorney client relationship and is not a substitute for having a consultation with a bankruptcy attorney. It is important to have a consultation with a bankruptcy attorney as the information provided in this forum is limited and cannot possibly cover all potential issues in a given situation.


Here is a link to help you get started:

I agree with others on this post that you may want to contact a local attorney to assist you.

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