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As a US Citizen, I want to petition for my family to come to US. I have my parents and 1 brother 10 years old. Can I petition?

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My family lives in Greece. Can I petition for all of them at once? How long does the process take?

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The situation causes complications. Your 10-year-old brother will not be able to immigrate with your parents. Your brother will be considered a fourth preference petition.

As a result, it will be difficult for your parents to leave him behind. This may cause you to waste a lot of money and experience frustration.

I strongly recommend an appointment with a competent and experienced immigration attorney. Your 10-year-old brother cannot follow to join with parents'immediate relative visa petitions.

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I agree with the attorney, there are different waiting times involved for your different family members that could make the process frustrating. However, there are always alternative visas you can look into to try to get them to come sooner. I recomend you contact an immigration attorney to see what might work best.

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Your parents will be able to come within 8-10 months from the initial filing if done correctly. Your siblings will have to wait many years. The difference is that parents are considered "immediate relatives" and there is no limit on the number of such visas. There is a limit on the number of visas for siblings.


If you are age 21 or older, then you can petition for your mother, your father, and your brother. Your mother and father would likely be able to enter the United States as permanent residents in less than 1 year. But unfortunately, your brother would need to wait a long time. It's impossible to predict exactly how long, but the best estimate at this time would be about 11-13 years.

President Obama has indicated a desire to make changes to immigration laws to try to fix the very long wait times for certain family members. At this time, we would need to wait and see if there are any changes that actually happen.

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