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As a tenant who has landlord and a management office, what are my rights?

Atlanta, GA |

I rent a condo from a landlord in place that is managed by a property management office. They want to tow my car because it does not have an updated registry with them. I try to register through their office by providing everything they need including my lease and homeowner's insurance (provided by my landlord). Yet they won't work with me and keep telling me to contact my landlord, and they still want to tow my car. She is trying to contact them but they are very unorganized apparently. If they tow my car can I hold them accountable? I pay my rent on time and I don't make any noise or problems in the neighborhood. It's only a communication problem between the landlord and the management office but I have to suffer from it. what should I do as well? What are my rights?

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I have seen tenants successfully hold the management company and landlord accountable for unauthorized towing. Sometimes they receive kick-backs from towing companies, so they can get pretty aggressive.. I would contact the local police and have them talk to the management office if they will.