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As a tenant do I have any legal action I can take against my occupant?

North Royalton, OH |

I am an Ohio resident and live in an apartment with my Gf in Cuyahoga County. I am the tenant and she is listed as a recognized occupant. We have lived here for 3 years. We have always split the rent and the landlords are well aware of who she is, that she pays rent and so forth. In fact we normally use her checks to pay rent. Well now that we have broken up we had an agreement that I would pay one of the last two months we had left on the lease and she would pay the other. I paid my month and she's now telling me she is not going to pay for the last month and she is just going to move out. Do I have any legal action here I can take? I'd rather not have an eviction on my record. Thank you.

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She is the lessee and SHE will be in breach of contract and she may be sued by the LL and you!

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If you both are on the lease, you are both equally responsible for the entire amount. So that means if she does not pay, you are responsible for the amount and then you can sue her for her portion. With it only being another month though, it is probably easiest (and cheapest) to just pay the rent yourself and not worry about it.