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As a step mother am I legally responsible to pick up my husband kids every other weekened

Cleveland, OH |
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You have no legal duty to transport your step children other than in the event of an emergency - where failing to transport them would endanger their health or safety. The obligation of transporting the children should be addressed by the parenting provisions of whatever Court Entry addresses the parenting time of the parents. If there are no provisions there, there may be a local rule that is applicable.

You may, or may not want to help facilitate the exchanges of the children. This is not a legal issue, but would be resolved based upon a number of other, personal issues between you, your spouse and the children. Usually, if there is an issue, it is that the other parent does not want the step parent having anything to do with the children. Since that is not the issue, if you become involved, it is because you choose to, not because you are legally obligated to do so.

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Attorney Piper's answer is correct. You have no legal obligation under the facts that you have given. This is really an issue between you and your husband.

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