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As a stay at home mom who is possibly facing a divorce what do I need to know?

Cincinnati, OH |

I have a Masters Degree in Education so can I still get alamony? Do I have a better chance at custody of the Children?

Can my husband keep money from me until the divorce happens?

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You sound like an intelligent woman. I'm sorry that you are going through this. As for alimony, more facts would be required, such as what is your work history. Your degree will be relevant to your earning capacity. As for custody, this too is a very fact-sensitive issue. You would be best served by consulting with a local divorce attorney whith whom you can share all of the facts of your case. Good luck.

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I taught for 5 years before children, but have been out of work for the past 7 years


Spousal support in Ohio is based upon the application of 17 statutory factors - only one of which is the earning ability of the parties. As to custody, my view of the Courts is that they tend to maintain the status quo. Therefore, you are in a good position by having been the "stay at home" parent, however, nothing is guaranteed. Custody is determined by what the Court finds is in the best interest of the children. It is unlikely that you will be able to continue to be a stay-at-home mom, so the dynamics will change to some extent. Interview several family law attorneys in your area and select the one you are most comfortable with. The stakes are too high to not have representation at this pivital point in your life.

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