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As a medical clinic manager, can I fire or start disciplinary action for an employee committing libel and slander against me?

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An employee deliberately committee several policy violations to try to cheat our system and place patients on the schedule without following any of the proper protocols. This was brought to my attention by other employees, as it effected their work. After being made aware, I made a call (with a witness present) to the employee to clarify what what was going on. She of course was very defensive and hostile due to being caught. Not knowing I had a witness listening to me speak, she began messaging other employees, making false accusations about my work, my character, my actions as a manager. All very dramatic and exaggerated statements. My employees of course were very uncomfortable that they were being contacted like this and feel that this person is trying to stir up trouble on my days off

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Texas is an employment at will state, which means that an employer has the right to terminate an employee for a good, bad or no reason at all with limited exceptions such as state and federal anti-discrimination statues, which provide protection in some instances to persons in certain categories, such as race, gender, or disability discrimination, or a refusal to commit an illegal act that would subject you to criminal penalties. An employee may have additional rights if there was a written employment contract.


This employee needs to be warned, written up and terminated if this behavior fails to stop.

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I agree with the previous answers. You should contact a Dallas personal injury lawyer to discuss further.

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