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As a landlord can I terminate lease early?

Denver, CO |

Tenant's one year lease ends 7/31/10. I do not wish to renew/extend the terms of the lease. I am to begin rennovation of the property, and will be occupying the home myself. Can I terminate the lease and have the tenant move out by 7/18/2010 and prorate the rent? How do I address this issue?

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The simple answer is NO. You rented the property to the end of July and you are bound, exactly as the tenant would be.

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The more complex answer is "it depends" on the terms of the contract. There are lots of provisions in a contracts that often make them void or voidable. For instance, a contract is void for public policy reasons if it is for an illegal purpose. There are many many reasons that a contract can be void. There may also be defenses to a contract, such as capacity. One must be of sound mind and age to enter a contract. There must not be Fraud. These types are arguements can cause the lease to be disolved depending on the circumstances of the parties and the terms of the lease. I recommend that you contact a real estate attorney or contract attorney to discuss these options in more detail.

In Colorado, there are specific terms, which can cause a contract to be illusory (non-enforced) or to be in violation of Colorado's public policy.

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