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As a green Card holder who is petitioning for the spouse, how long on average should I wait until priority date becomes current?

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I am a green card holder and I live in the states. I am petitioning for my spouse. My spouse is a citizen of Iran and so am I. I have noticed that there has been changes in the wait time of green card holders applying for spouse and the priority dates according to July, August and September 2013 visa bulletin was "Current" meaning no wait time? But It has stopped since September 2013. Is there any knowledge of future expected time? How long should I expect to wait from the time we file the petition until the day our priority date becomes current if we file within a month from now?

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Probably about 3-6 months.

Mr. Shusterman is a former INS Trial Attorney (1976-82) with over 35 years of immigration experience. His response to your question is general in nature, as not all the facts are known to him. You should retain an attorney experienced in immigration law to review all the facts in your case in order to receive advice specific to your case. Mr. Shusterman's statement above does not create an attorney/client relationship.


3-6 months but this will also depend on where your petition is processed. Just because the visa bulletin is current does not mean that the visa will be approved within that time frame. Some processing centers have a backlog for this type of petition.

This communication should not be construed to create an attorney client relationship. All information provided is for general informational purposes only. You should not rely on any general information provided to make important legal decisions affecting your life and you should instead consult with an attorney. During any private consultation, a competent attorney will review your particular situation, research the specific legal provisions that apply, and create an individualized case plan for you and your family.



You mean where it will be processed within united states, correct? Do I have any choice in where it can be processed ?

Francisco Fraerly Symphorien-Saavedra

Francisco Fraerly Symphorien-Saavedra


Correct. No. You typically do not have a choice. It is generally based upon your place of residence.


The average waiting period has been about six months in the past. File as soon as you can to establish a priority date. You can speed the process up if you are able to naturalize ad become a US citizen.

The answer provided here is general in nature and does not take into account other factors that may need to be reviewed for a more precise answer. You should consult with an immigration attorney before taking any action. The answer here is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship.


The sooner you file the less time you would need to wait. As you noticed the priority dates are changing and can go both ways. Good luck!

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