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As a felon can i own a black powder gun?

Key West, FL |

I am a convicted felon, non violent crime. in florida i did my research and found that i have to wait 5 years from date of arrest in order to file paperwork to get all civil rights restored, and 7 years to get gun rights. however. upon doing more research i found that i am able to own "primitive weapons" like a bow and arrow and a black powder gun. I grew up an avid outdoorsman. and i would like to get back into it. so my question is. am i truely legally aloud to own a black powder gun. and a bow and arrow? any help would be great! thank you

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Is it worth fighting another felony charge (felon in possession of firearm) to use a grey area of law for the fringe benefit of hunting?

Wait the 7 years, do the paperwork, and you don't have to worry about prison, a gun charge, and another felony case against you.

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I completely agree with my colleague. I would not advise to test the system as I can imagine a scenario where the young officer responding to the gunshot call decides your a felon in possession of a firearm because it's his call to make that determination and better to arrest you then let you go. Then it's up to convincing the state attorney that it's not a firearm and with the wrong prosecutor who won't budge this factual determination will be up to a jury,

This completely hypothetical situation may never occur but I wouldn't want to test the theory. The only gun I would be firing would be wirelessly connected to your favorite video game system.

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You did the research, you think you can have a black powder gun. How much of a period of time are we talking about here. Wait for the time to expire, it may not even be safe for you to go hunting with others who are not convicted felons.

Robert Jason De Groot

Robert Jason De Groot


You may want to pay an attorney for actual advice on this question.

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