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As a bipolar parent on SS what are my rights to custody? Their father is without a job, homeless, and has no vehicle.

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I am a bipolar parent under the supervision of medical professionals. I take meds and do talk therapy. I graduated from high school, did some college, have a nice apartment, vehicle, and take care of my responsibilities. I also have a support system. I have always been here for my children through everything. Their father is homeless, jobless, vehicle-less. He has an hsed, but has an extensive criminal record including several felonies. He loves his children but has never been a strong support for them. He has no family or friends left because of his past behaviors. What is the likelihood I will get custody if we go to court? He has also never made a child support payment.

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The custody and placement decision in each case is different based on the facts of the case and how they apply to the statutory factors for placement decisions. Based only on the facts you provide, you should have a good chance of having the children for a greater period of placement. You should talk to an attorney to help you through the process. Many of us provide initial consulations for a discounted rate. Also, depending on your income, you might be able to get funding from Judicare here in western Wisconsin.


I agree with the other attorney. You seem to have a great deal going for you to obtain custody but you should definitely consult with an attorney in your jurisdiction. They would be able to tell you the specific requirements in your state.

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