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As a Army Veteran am I elegibile for IG services?

Birmingham, AL |

I am due to ETS from the U.S Army, I've spoken with my IG office. There has been an evaluation which was errounsouly written by a Senior NCO in my unit. I was fortunate enough to catch it.

"I was afforded the opportunit to see the Counseling Packet of my Rater", the packet contained copies of my Councelings, which I only gave to the Senior NCO and not my Rater Which are easily identifed two ways

1. I have my original Ink Copies, No two Signature are the same unless copies
2. My rater' Counceling have assements written in the assesment block.
3. The IG office has both my copies and Rater's Copies

I have a strong suspision that my Rater and the NCO wrote the Evaluation together. When my rater was in the condition to be my rater.

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I am not sure what your question is. You have taken your issue to the IG?
I guess I am confused is the evaluation accurate? If it is I can't see what the issue might be....if its not you don't have to concur...

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Yes, I've taken it to IG, they are awaiting the Appeal results. Its partically accurate, some bullets are not factual. I discovered this by chance. The Sr NCO denies writing the Evaluation, but there is no denying which copie of the counseling in the packet are mine. My biggest concern is how many times has this occured to others.


you have the ability to appeal, cheak out

IG is not the way to go.

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You have the absolute right to appeal the evaluation. If you are successful, the evaluation will be pulled from your personnel record permanently. If you have any questions about the process, feel free to call me. The initial consultation is always free.


I'm unclear what you mean by "erroneously written." If you believe your evaluation was not submitted in a procedurally correct manner, IAW with the applicable reg, and/or you disagree with the ratings/comments in it, you certainly have the right to appeal it, which includes the right to appeal to Army admin boards if necessary: In that event, an attorney could certainly help you with an evaluation appeal.

If you already have an open case with the IG, I'm not aware of any regulation that states your case with them ends if you ETS. You just need to make sure that you coordinate with them beforehand, so they know how to reach you when you're out of the Army. You should specifically ask them if your ETS poses any problem.



I was unclear I'm referring to my Rater did not write the evaluation, someone else did. Sent it to him to sign it as if he wrote it.



I have reason to believe that my rater was on medication which did not allow him to write it.

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