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As a 14 yr old with parents, would i be able to chose who I live with?

Ottawa, IL |

I'm 14 and have lived with my mother for about 10 years. She rarely lives in the same place for more than a year or 2, and that could be said to be emotionally bothersome to me, never any stability. My dad has lived in the same place with the same steady and stable job for 7 years. He is a more capable parent and one I'm closer to and trust more, and does not let his relationship status interfere e with him interaction with his child, nor put it before.

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you have no choice but your opinion is relevant.


There is no set age in Illinois at which you can choose with whom you live. Your thoughts and preferances may (only may) be considered. If you wish to live with your dad, he will have to file a motion for transfer of residence (or custody, depending upon how the divorce decree reads) and must allege facts sufficient to be considered by the court if your mother does not agree. Your dad needs a lawyer to do this. Best wishes to you.


Your dad needs to retain an attorney and file in court to change where you live. Often the court will talk to the children about your desire to live with your dad. The court can also appoint an attorney call a Guardian Ad Litem to Represent you in this matter.

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I answered this very question on my blog a few weeks back.

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