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As a 1099 contractor, my "bio" is attached to company websites. How long should I wait before expecting them to remove?

Blairsville, GA |

The business owner has significant web real estate, with multiple sites marketing and soliciting clients for professional services. I was a very successful member of the contractor staff, but terminated my contract a month ago. Since I am prohibited by a complex non-compete from advertising, or otherwise practicing in my profession now, it seems inappropriate for them to retain my professional credentials as part of their marketing. I want the material taken down asap. What are my options?

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I would send them a request in writing to remover your information. I also would not assume that non-compete is enforceable. Covenants are difficult to enforce in Georgia. I would have an attorney review the non-compete and circumstances of your separation. Good luck.



I followed through by locating an attorney specializing in GA non-compete cases. Thank you!