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Article 127-uae labour law --non competing clause

Chenoa, IL |

Good Day and Greetings,

This is regarding implications under ARTICLE 127, non competition clause prevailing in UAE.

I was working for a private company until last two months in UAE and left the company to join Dubai Government company as a Senior Manager with my Master degree qualification in Business administration. My previous employer private company spreads accross a scaring communication that they would take legal action against me under non competion clause, under article 127. I am now under immigration visa (not labour dept visa)as it is a Dubai Government and not having labour card.

I have worked in the private company 3 years and 1 months. I completed the first contract of 3 years, then renewed and then after one month, I resigned.

Under this situation, will my previous employer be able to proceed leagally under article 127. Is it possible to implicate me when I am an employee of Dubai Government and serving Government towards welfare of UAE.

I would be grateful if you could kindly throw some lights on this subject and advise in detail.

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