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Arrested Twice in One Day..Misdemeanors 1st Offenses

Wilton, CT |

I was with some friends paint balling in woods, and on the way leaving my friend shoots out the window, and gets us busted. Us three, were charged with Breach of Peace. Next morning I was caught with a friend from a the previous incident, smoking marijuana. (Not in Car) I had about a gram and bowl. I came clean,it was my marijuana. I received a complaint ticket. No court date. 2 charges:possession, and " intent to..." I guess use21a-267(d)(1). Norwalk courts told the judge wont be aware of the ticket when i go to court. Aug, 6
I messed up badly.

1. I wrote a deep letter to the cop, but have not sent it yet, should I?

2. Will I need two lawyers for both cases?

3. Can I avoid losing my license and having this expunged?

4. Can i take this to trial and maybe cop wont show up?


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First, you should contact an attorney and I would be happy to assist you with both cases. I have handled numerous similar matters in Norwalk and believe that I could easily get you into a program so that we can proceed to get the charges dismissed. They will most likely find out about both cases so you would be able to use one attorney for both. Please contact me tomorrow to discuss at or call me at 203-377-4111.

Do not send the letter to the police yet. You will not need to go to trial on these types of charges...I am very positive I can assist you.

Thomas E. McCabe

Thomas E. McCabe


Feel free to contact me to follow up as to what happened today



1. NO

2. You should have one lawyer for both cases.

3. Yes

4. No.


A "a deep letter to the cop" is useless, if not counter-productive. What you need is a lawyer to help you with both matters.

The CT and your county bar associations can assist with referrals.

The foregoing is for general information purposes and does not establish an attorney-client relationship.

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