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Arrested on a warrant from texas person resides in atlanta charges were violation of probation&DWI person warrant from 1997

Dallas, TX |

person was arrested and is being held for extradition to texas from atlanta where they have lived for the past 13 years and have been gainfully employed the warrant was for misdemeanor violation of probation and DWI person was sentenced to 365 in county jail sentence was appealed and person released on bond and never returned to serve being that is the situation statue of limitations is void because the accused left jurisdiction probation was violated 2 weeks prior to completion and person has no incidents with the law in the state they currently reside in

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Your question is unclear. Consult a local criminal attorney to help you sort this out. Good luck.



not sure what can be done is he going to have to go serve time or is there a possibility of a fine and a slap on the wrist

Vijay Dinakar

Vijay Dinakar


I don't practice in Texas so you are best served by using the AVVO search function and looking for a local criminal attorney near you. Most offer a free initial consultation. During that call, you should be able to get an idea of what he faces. Good luck.


What is the question? From the statement, it certainly sounds like the person could benefit from a lawyer. Good Luck

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What made him think the statute of limitations was "void"? That's not even a legal term. He will remain in jail in Atlanta until he is transferred to Dallas or until the Dallas sheriff's department releases the hold because they've decided they don't want to pay for extradition. Either way, he needs an attorney in Dallas to straighten this out.

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I don't understand your question. Consult with a criminal defense attorney or clarify your question.


If you are looking to help your friend, you need to contact a DWI where his case is pending to start working for him to try and minimize the potential consequences. For their sake, I hope his case is not in Denton. But a case that old can definitely be worked with. Mistakes are mistakes, but 13 years of productivity should not be ignored. A lot must be done quickly and assistance will be needed since his new life is so far away. I am here if you need more information. Doug

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