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Arrested for ticket warrant while on probation Arrested for traffic ticket warrant while on probation Violation

Burbank, CA |

I'm on 3 years probation for a felony I was recently arrested for a bench warrant that I got for missing a court date for a speeding ticket. I was booked in but The police station wrote me a ticket with a new date and released me. The speeding ticket was an infraction Is this a serious violation? What do I do?

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The Failure to Appear could be. This really depends on your past.

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Elliot Zarabi


The FTA is a misdmeanor and can result in a violation of your probation but very unlikey. Make sure you show up to court to take care of the speeding ticket and make sure you always show up to court. I doubt you will be violated for this but you may want to contact an expereinced attorney in your area in case you do.


The fta is a violation of your probation- but in your situation I doubt if it would violate your terms. Get an attorney and deal with ticket and get the fta reduced to an infraction.