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Arrested for suspended drivers license in different state and required to return in 3 days?

Saint Louis, MO |

My Brother-In-Law, who lives in Saint Louis, was driving through Tennessee on his way home today (05/05/2014) and was pulled over. After giving his license to the police officer, he was asked to get out of the vehicle and was arrested for having a suspended license, unbeknownst to him. They kept him in a holding cell for 8 hours, released him on a $2,300 bond but could not tell him why his license were suspended. He is required to return to Tennessee on 05/09/2014 (3 days from today) to stand before a Judge otherwise he forfeits his bond. He'll be calling the DMV tomorrow morning to find the reasoning for his suspension, but has had no traffic violations or anything to cause suspension. From his home to Tennessee is a great distance, will put him at a hardship and possible lose his job.

Is there any relief that can be sought within the next 3 days so that he does not have to return, causing excess absence and loss of his job? Also, was the bond excessive and can they require him to be present, in person, when it would cause an unreasonable hardship?

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Yes they can require his appearance, however you may want to contact a local traffic lawyer to see what options they may be able to offer. Hope that's helpful


He needs to contact an attorney in the locale where this occurred and go over the options. Also, get the drivers record and clear up the suspension asap.

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Definitely call a Tennessee lawyer who handles traffic cases and see if he or she can appear for him. Will need a lawyer because in Missouri that is a 12 point ticket if found guilty.