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Arrested for first offense DUI. Will be admitted to ARD program. Will this have an effect on employment?

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I was arrested a few weeks ago for suspicion of DUI. My lawyer is getting me into the ARD program, which he told me will not result in a DUI conviction on my criminal record (correct me if I am wrong). I was just given a job offer as a physical therapist assistant for a skilled nursing facility. Employment is pending upon a drug test and background check. I have no priors on my record whatsoever. I just tried to access my criminal background check and it is pending. If I haven't been convicted of a DUI, and likely should not, is this going to affect my opportunity for employment? Is it possible that my background check will come up as "no record" since I technically have not been convicted?

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ARD is a program offered to carefully screened Defendants. It is important for you to retain a criminal defense attorney with expertise with DUI cases.

Robert C. Keller

Robert C. Keller


If you complete the program, the charges will be dismissed and you can have the case expunged from the criminal record.


As per the rules of professional conduct, being that you have retained counsel, no lawyer here can answer those questions -besides your attorney. My suggestion would be to direct these questions to them.

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Ask your lawyer. Why would you even post this question?

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Once done, you are entitled to expunge records pertaining to your arrest and prosecution. PennDot hangs onto record of any action it took for 10 years though. If employer gets access to driver history, the employer will see the DUI.

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