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Arrested for false info & evading arrest ($500 bail) & out of county hold, warrant for probation violation. What can I expect?

Placentia, CA |

I'm on felony probation in another county and I didn't report to my p.o.. A warrant was issued in that county. While in another county I was arrested for false information to a police officer and evading arrest ($500.00 bail). So I'm in county jail with a no bail hold from the other county and the two new charges here, what can I expect to happen? Also, how long does law enforcement have to inform you of the charges being filed against you if you are taken into custody? I was in jail and never informed of the charges I had to have a friend get the information regarding the charges for me while I was incarcerated. Would you suggest an attorney or the public defender? Thank You.

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Attorney answers 2


The public defender IS an attorney. Either a public or a qualified private attorney will do. Normally you must be brought before a magistrate within 48 hours of an arrest (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays excepted) on new charges. In your case you are also being held on the probation violations which do not carry with them a speedy trial right. I do not know why you were not arraigned promptly on the new charges but it could have to do with the no bail warrant from the county where you violated your probation.


I would definitely suggest hiring private counsel. You are looking at penalties for the probation violation and for the new case. If you hire an attorney, you will give yourself the best chance of having these penalties run concurrently (in essence, only receiving one punishment for both).