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Arrested by FBI & DEA 15 years ago. Do I still have anything to worry about??

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In 1998 I was arrested after my home was raided by DEA and FBI for purchasing 500 ecstasy pills from an informant. I was bailed out the next day and placed on federal house arrest. I "cooperated" with the DEA. All I did was meet up with a DEA agent one time with my attorney and tell him everything I've ever bought and sold and who I bought it from. I never heard back from the Feds or DEA after that meeting.
I ended up getting off of house arrest after a little over a year later, which was still pretrial. My lawyer contacted the federal prosecutors office and got me off house arrest somehow. 

Now, it's 2013 and I still haven't heard anything about the case. I know I don't have warrants out for my arrest as I've been pulled over for traffic violations and gone to court for them recently.

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1) Don't assume that you don't have warrants outstanding just because you have been pulled over and not take into custody. I've had several client's with warrants that have made it through traffic stops and court appearances just fine.
2) You need to go back to the attorney who represented you to determine the status of your case. He or she should know. If not he is in the best position to find out. No one on this board can tell you tor rest easy. Best of Luck.

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Mr. Zucker has it right. Contact your attorney who has been involved from the beginning and have him find out the status of the case. I am sure that this matter is causing a lot of anxiety so you need closure. Good luck.


You should get a lawyer to contact the FBI or the DEA and see whats going on with that case. Hopefully, this never went anywhere, and you get off without any problems. I would suggesting getting in contact with your original lawyer, or find a criminal lawyer in Philadelphia who can help you.

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Be proactive. Retain a criminal defense attorney in Philadelphia to look into this. Find out whether or not the charges have been resolved. From there you should speak with an attorney about the options that are available. You ought to follow up on this.