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Arrest record?

Newark, NJ |

I was arrested last night for felony shoplifting. I was released without bail. I'm going to hire a lawyer asap but need to know: can my out of state employer see this charge? I was told that it would be unlikey the arrest would show up on s background check... If I get PTI, does it mean that my court record will be public? Im so confused! Thank you for advice!

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These are questions that you should discuss in detail with your lawyer. If you were fingerprinted and photographed when you were arrested, most background checks will show the arrest. However, if you complete PTI you will be able to expunge the record of your arrest six months after completing the PTI (usually 1 year). The sooner you hire a lawyer the bette because shoplifting charges are often downgraded to municipal court. In municipal court there is no PTI program and you will most likely have to plead guilty to something or go to trial. It is important for your lawyer to get in touch with the prosecutor as soon as possible.


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Until this matter is completely resolved your arrest record will show up. If you go to trial and win, or the charge gets dismissed, then you can file to have your arrest record expunged at that time. If you get PTI, you can file for an expungement of your arrest record six months after you successfully complete your PTI. If you are convicted or plead guilty to the charge as you described, you will have to wait ten years to file for an expungement of your record. Please contact my office to discuss your case in more detail and to see hwo I may be able to assist you. Thank you.
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