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Around how much would a lawyer be to represent someone in traffic court?

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Are lawyers extremely expensive for a two point offence?

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You're paying for a lawyer's time. Although lawyers will set a flat fee in most traffic matters, the fee is based in part on how much time is involved in the representation. Although a speeding ticket is quite minor compared to other offenses, it still requires a meeting with the client, creation of a file, and an appearance at court which may take an entire morning or afternoon docket call. That's an estimate of 3-4 hours, plus, if you need a witness or other evidence to be gathered and arranged for trial, there would be added time for that as well. The maximum fine for speeding is $500.00. You could easily spend that amount to get a lawyer to spend this much time dealing with this offense. If avoiding the two points is that essential to you, then cost may not be your issue. However, there are no guarantees that hiring a lawyer will definitely result in no points or a not guilty verdict. That depends on the facts, evidence and defenses available.


Lawyers' rates can vary, but in general, they are not expensive for a speeding ticket. It never heards to call and ask for a free consultation.

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As my colleague advised in an earlier reply, fees vary. However, a prospective client should always assess an attorney's experience with like matters, familiarity with the bench in which the case lies and , if possible obtain opinions about the prospective attorney's skills and results from sites like Avvo. Although fees for legal services are certainly an important consideration for practical reasons, one should, whenever feasible, take into account the other factors noted.

Mr. Eidelberg is licensed to practice law in Maryland and the District of Columbia. The response herein is not legal advice, does not create an attorney/client relationship, is for educational purposes, and intended to impart general information about the subject inquiry. Consultation with a qualified attorney in the state from which the inquiry is generated is strongly recommended so that case specific legal guidance can be obtained.

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