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Arizona Photo Radar Ticket, Rental, Not the Driver

San Jose, CA |

I was in Arizona some weeks back for work (I live in another state) and had a rental car. While another authorized driver was driving, the car tripped a photo radar site.

Because the rental was in my name, the citation and fees are coming to me (through the rental company's citations contractor). I'm not really concerned about the money aspect (the rental was on a company card and the company can just hit up my coworker to pay them back). However, I've been unable to determine if I might get a hit to my driving record, which would be unacceptable.

Thus, two questions: 1. do AZ photo enforcements show up on driver records (and does the fact that it was a rental have impact on that), and; 2. if so, how would I go about fighting that?


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The question should be posted on the Arizon section. California attorneys not licensed in AZ cannot give legal advice in that state. This site is also not a forum to provide legal advice. Having said that, I believe that AZ citations will show up on your driving record. You should contest the citation. In California, I've had cases where I would show the officer that this is my client and another person was driving. The cases against my clients were dismissed. I don't know what AZ does, but it's possible it could be similar. You should consult and retain an AZ attorney. You want to protect your driving record.

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