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Arizona Photo Camera Tickets

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If a ticket is issued from a highway photo camera, and it is clear that the person issued the ticket is not the driver in the vehicle, is it required that he/she turn in the person that is responsible or simply that they prove it was not them? This seems very much like the days of the red scare when people were expected to turn in their neighbors and friends

Also, what is this notice of traffic violation? It doesn't state a fine, an obligation to penalty, or anything but simply seems to want the person who recieved it to admit guilt without even knowing the consequence.

Finally, what is the fine for highway photo radar tickets that are under 15mph over the limit?

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Here is how it works. A camera is located to show each vehicle that passes the white line on the ground at the surveyed intersection while the stop light is red. The movement will trigger the camera to take photos of the vehicle and license plate. Only upon review of the camera evidence does a ticket issue. In other words, the proof of the offense exists and that proof is in possession of the authorities before the ticket goes out by US mail.

Running a red traffic signal is a ticketable offense and is subject to a fine penalty. To determine if your rights have been violated you may inquire to view the camera evidence. If by some odd chance the camera does not show proof of the offense for which the ticket issues, you will be able to see that when you see the camera evidence.

Phone a AZ lawyer. Many in your area will provide you a free consulation to discuss in more detail your circumstance. The phone call is a recommended way for you to explore more options you may have including whether more can be made about your position.

Good luck to you.

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